Mango Kalakand



Mango Kalakand is very easy recipe with awesome taste. I used fresh mango to make the pulp. Fresh mango pulp has its unique smell. If mango is not in season, you can use canned one. But I will say fresh pulp is preferable. Use of sugar will vary to depend on sweetness of mango and as your taste.


• 1 cup mango pulp

• 1 cup chena/ricotta cheese

• ½ cup sugar

• 1 tablespoon chopped dry nuts

• ½ cardamom powder

Also needs sliced nuts for decoration.

How to make:

1. To make fresh mango pulp take mango flesh and blend it.

2. Take a non stick pan and add pulp, sugar and cheese.

3. Mix it well with a plastic coated whisk.

4. Stir it constantly because there is chance to burn and cheese needs to mix well with pulp.

5. When mixture is separated from pan, add chopped nuts and cardamom powder.

6. Stir it and remove it from heat.

7. Grease the tray and pour the mixture. Flat it and garnish with sliced nuts. Let it cool down.

8. Cut the mango kalakand in your desire shape and enjoy the flavour of mango.