Gulab Jamun – Quick and Easy

Gulab jamun is a popular dessert in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is traditionally made of dough consisting mainly of milk solids (khoya) which is an Indian milk product is rolled into a ball together with some flour and then deep fried. It is then put into in sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom seeds and rosewater. Here I make easy version of Gulab jamun for you. Hope you will like my easy Gulab jamun recipe.



• 2 cups full cream milk powder

• ½ cup self raising flour

• Pinch of saffron imitation

• 200ml thicken cream

• 3 cups sugar

• 2 cardamom pods

• Ghee or Oil to deep fry(you can use half oil and half ghee)

How to make:

1. First put a sauce pan on heat with 3 cups water, cardamom and sugar. When sugar is melt and syrup comes into boiling point boiling point, turn off the heat. Keep aside. We need lukewarm syrup to soak the sweet.

2. Mix milk powder, self raising flour, saffron and cream. Need to be careful about adding cream because we want soft dough which we can work with (don’t make too soft which hard to shape). But on the other hand hard dough will make crack on sweet.

3. Divide the dough into 20 balls.

4. Heat the pan on low medium high with oil for deep fry. When I say that it means enough oil to deep the sweet while frying. Check the oil to put a little piece of dough in the oil if it sizzles and comes up slowly .It means the oil is ready.

5. When oil is ready (don’t make oil too hot, we will slow fry them), put the sweet in the oil with care and fry it all side till it becomes golden brown.

6. Take out the sweet from oil and straight put into lukewarm syrup. Repeat the same step for rest of sweet.

7. Soak sweet at least ½ hr and take out the sweets from syrup.

8. Serve Gulab jamun cold.